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Freightliner Trucks for sale


Freightliner Tractors
Freightliner Trucks are easy to use, their maintenance and repair does not cause difficulties. The advantages include the fact that Freightliner is a relatively inexpensive tractor. At the moment Freightliner - one of the largest manufacturers of heavy trucks in the U.S..because Freightliner is a powerful, reliable, easy to use truck.
Freightliner Tractors - a North American manufacturer of tractors and trucks, which is part of the corporation Daimler AG. The company was founded in 1942 and has more than 65 years in, producing heavy trucks and tractors.
Tractors freightliner renowned for their reliability. The company produces a huge variety of vehicles of various types, but the trucks heavy and medium types are most popular.
History of Freightliner begins in the thirties of last century, when the firm Consolidated Freightways closely into the issue of reducing the operating costs of trucks, as well as improve efficiency and reduce weight by using aluminum parts. Around 1940 the company was founded Freightways Manufacturing Company Inc., Which was to become a joint venture, producing light trucks, equipped with aluminum parts for large transport companies. In 1940 came the first truck, whose name was written by a dash as follows: Freight-Liner. The following year, was assembled vehicle is under the symbols Freightliner.
But the development company did not go smoothly - the government accused the company Freightways Inc. the monopoly restriction of trade. Ultimately Freightways Manufacturing Company was transformed into Freightliner Corporation and, in fact before the end of the war factories of the company idle since the government had to address the company after a long litigation had to sever relations with suppliers. However, after the war Freightliner re-emerged on the market and continues to use aluminum construction in the production of its light trucks.

Freightliner Sales-
In the late forties, the company began to produce the trucks on order.
In 1951, Freightliner has signed an agreement with the White Motor Company for exclusive sale of technology and service works, and on many machines appeared emblem White Freightliner.
At present, the company Freightliner remains the leader in the manufacture of medium and heavy duty trucks. Sales freytlaynerov underway.
Many experts agree that the freightliner trucks are ideally suited for rough roads. Also, if you start to compare offers, it appears that Freightliner- one of the most cost-effective options for businesses of all sizes.

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