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Kenworth Trucks's legendary Kenworth trucks. Reliability, excellent aerodynamics and lower fuel consumption is what Kenworth is all about. If you want to get really comfortable and have a truck that is inexpensive to maintain than is Kenworth your best choice!
Kenworth Truck history
The modern name of the company appeared in 1923 (it was formed by the names of the owners of the main stake Kent and Worthington).
Kenworth Truck is designed primarily for the needs of the woodworking industry, as well as for agriculture and mining.
The economic crisis has not slowed the company's development, and sale of Kenworth trucks is still successful. Kenworth was the first truck that came equipped with a factory setting six-cylinder gasoline engine.
During the Second World War the company produced military vehicles, including cars and technical assistance to M-1 and M-1A1, and the bow aircraft of different types. In the postwar years, the company continues to develop and refine models of trucks, Kenworth trucks for sale goes to a new level.
In 50 years of seriously changed regulations restricting the length and weight of trucks, the company has developed a truck Kenworth, meeting the new requirements.
In the future, the company's development is characterized by the constructional ideas, the introduction of new products (serial setting six-cylinder engines, the first truck with a gas turbine engine for the term of cargo transportation and many other innovations). In December last year the company celebrated it's 85 birthday, and the development of the company is in full swing.

Kenworth Truck Sales
According to statistics, the firm Kenworth trucks in are found for sale everywhere in the continental US. Kenworth trucks for sale is gradually increasing, after all, these trucks are equipped with Caterpillar engines, that on itself speaks in favor of the company: the number of service centers across the US for Caterpillar engines is the largest compared with its competitors, which makes engine repair a simple task.
One of the most popular models of Kenworth is the T2000. Truck Kenworth T2000 has excellent aerodynamics, enables the machine to drive at the highest speeds and still maintain low fuel consumption (significantly lower than other Kenworth trucks). Kenworth T2000 truck, compared with its predecessors weighs much less, this was accomplished as follows: the skeleton of the cab and bed separation in the form of a single block and stamped aluminum powder, and the side panels, doors and roof are made of polymer SMC, weighing almost two times less than fiberglass. Wheels, fuel tanks, some suspension components are also made of aluminum.
Truck Kenworth T2000 equipped with a compartment Aerodyne length of 75 inches (the longest sleeping compartment of the ruler). Another feature which is installed on the vehicle is the rear 8-cylinder air suspension AirGlide. Unlike conventional suspensions each axle is retained by the displacement of the upper v-shaped transverse rod and two lower jet longitudinal bars united by a single node with a stabilizer bar.
The manufacturer claims that this design improves the contact of tires when driving on uneven, increases the comfort of travel, and reduces the load on the suspension elements. On the truck Kenworth T2000 fuel filter and some other parts are heated in the winter on the run from the liquid engine cooling system. On the basis of objective merit, the truck kenworth is an all around great buy.

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