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Peterbilt Trucks for sale


Peterbilt Trucks
Peterbilt trucks are certainly popular with drivers and transportation companies. We offer Peterbilt trucks for sale. Peterbilt trucks are perfectly adapted to provide a smooth ride, they are distinguished by low operating cost, meet all modern requirements and have high build quality. On our site you will find the famous Peterbilt 387 and other well-known models of this brand.

The Peterbilt Company was founded in 1939, but the beginning of its activities relate to earlier years. Nevertheless, the first truck peterbilt built was in 1939, in the same year a total of 14 trucks under this brand came about. Typical symbols for them is the "signature" Peterbilt, made in the form of a metallic logo.
By 1941, the company had already released 89 trucks and there were several design improvements, and by 1945 there were 225 trucks already on the market.
The development of the company went fast and by mid-twentieth century Peterbilt become a significant brand amongst heavy duty trucks. Around this time, came about the new and improved traditional symbols of the company - the Peterbilt oval logo in red.
Peterbilt trucks continually changed depending on historical realities. For example, produced trucks with cab located on the engine (it was a response to and not imposed restrictions on the length of trains). Peterbilt issued trucks both with a sleeping compartment and without. However, access to the engine in these models was quite difficult - you can either tilt the cab forward (which was not so easy), or dissolve in front of the sidewalls.
By the end of the 60's truck manufacturer peterbilt began dramatically improving speed, and to date in terms of sales, continues to enjoy steady success.
Peterbilt engineers constantly keep pace with the times, offering constructive solutions, and developing models of heavy trucks that meet all standards and fully capable of performing there assigned tasks.

Peterbilt 387
One of the most successful and powerful models is peterbilt 387. Automotive brands that differ even less aerodynamic than its predecessors. The cabin is increased by 0.76 m compared to previous models. A smooth transition from the cab peterbilt 387 to sleeping compartment make the conditions for the driver more comfortable. Besides the increased distance between the driver and passenger seats left more room for legs.
Design innovations compared to previous models are as follows, intermediate cooling radiators and engine cooling system peterbilt model 387 led to an improved air cooling radiator, cooling systems and reduce the temperature of incoming air to it.
Divided into four parts, electrical system (independently of one another, these parts serve the cab, a sleeping compartment, trailer and chassis) facilitates troubleshooting and repair. Is made of two longitudinal halves of the node hood - fenders and facilitates repair by replacement if the damage was not addressed by the entire site, and right or left side. The design of a composite bumper is similar. The peterbilt 387 is equipped with electronic dashboard (with self-screen multiplex and signaling technology). All this has made peterbilt 387 one of the best models of this company.

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