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Volvo - a Swedish automobile and truck manufacturer, a leader in the production of trucks not only in Europe but throughout the world. Volvo trucks has always featured a constant quality, reliability, comfort and elegance.
Name brand «volvo» is derived from the Latin verb volvere, meaning to roll, spin. Company logo - a circle with an arrow - long ago became a symbol of quality and prestige. Trucks, Volvo trucks are very popular worldwide and sales of Volvo trucks in the US are constantly increasing.

Trucks, trucks and Volvo trucks
In the late twenties, well-known bearing company SKF opened a automobile branch, which after many years has become the world famous Volvo Trucks Corporation. In 1927 Volvo published the first series of cars, and in February 1928 they made the first truck Volvo. It was a truck that weighed a ton and in a very short period of time has become very popular for its build quality and reliability. Thanks to the professional approach to business, the company quickly find its niche in the market. This was facilitated by the fact that the company has paid great attention to parameters such as comfort and safety of the driver.
When trucks are designed by Volvo, a critical consideration when thinking through the construction given to ergonomics, comfort, safety, and environmental performance. This approach makes the honor of this company. At present Volvo has nearly a dozen assembly plants around the world.
Volvo - one of the world's largest automotive corporations, whose products (including, tractors Volvo) combine power and ease of use.
In the thirties, Volvo was focusing on the modification and improving existing models (including tractors Volvo) and extends the existing range of trucks and develops the main line of company development.

Sale of Volvo trucks - Volvo tractors
By the second half of the thirties the company Volvo has managed to achieve a significant position in the European market truck industry. Volvo Trucks eagerly bought in many European countries, and sales of Volvo trucks are very successful.
One of the major achievements is the development and implementation in 1933, six-cylinder multifuel engine, the engineer who designed Hesselman. This engine can run on different grades of fuel - gasoline, alcohol, low-grade oils. I had to just replace the power supply system, pistons and intake tube.
Also in the thirties there were first cargo model (and trucks and tractors from Volvo) with more streamlined cabs than previous models.
During the war, Volvo had successfully continued its development in both civil and military equipment.
The manufacturing of Volvos diesel engine had begun rather late, but, having started work in this direction, the company has rapidly outpaced competitors. Sale of Volvo trucks with new engines brought the company a considerable profit.
Around the same time, designers and constructors of the company worked hard to improve the aerodynamics of cars, making them more comfortable and ergonomic.
In 1963 Volvo released a new Volvo truck with a cab Tiptop (first cab was designed with an emphasis on increased comfort and safety). These trucks are considered the prototype of all modern Volvo trucks.
In the future, developing new trucks and tractors Volvo, the company relies on the rule of maximum quality and use of well-tested new products, so that all production companies (and cars and trucks Volvo) acquired an excellent reputation, both were born with the concept of the "Swedish assembly".

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